Born in 1975, Bagni Est Finale are located in one of the most beautiful and magical part of the beach in Finale Ligure.

From 1989 to 2019 they were managed by Franco and Miranda Morasca, who dedicated their energy and their lives to enhance this structure and the nature that hosts it. In 2020, Giorgia took over the management from her uncle and with her mother and the help of her partner Fabio, she started a new chapter with the intention of honoring history and tradition on one hand and on the other opening up to the innovation that new times require.

For us, the “beach and sea” life means family, friends, vacation and leisure

but not only this. First of all it means communion, connection, deep listening, finding and healing ourselves in body and soul.
This is the opportunity we want to offer our customers so they may come back home different each time and richer inside
of what it really matters.

Thinking about this work the first thing We can say is THANKS, because the beauty of this place is due only to Mother Nature that gives it to us and allows us to enjoy it every day. And here our work begins: respecting, valuing, caring and making this marvel known to all the people who feel lucky to be part of this little paradise as we feel.